MegaCon in Orlando

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MegaCon in Orlando

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So I went to MegaCon as usual ... just about every year since the late 1990s although it has grown quite a bit. This year seemed less crowded than usual. A really good celebrity list but nothing crazy.

Pretty decent selection of comics but notably there were a lot of Valiant books. Like, the most I have ever seen at a show. It seems like most dealers had a few keys and a couple of guys had full long boxes of keys and minor keys, prime VH1 stuff but none of it priced that great. I bought a few (Harby 4 w/o coupon), X-O 2 and 3, Rai 2 for $20 total.

I saw practically nothing from VEI ... I think the rarer stuff is going to be really hard to find before long.

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