Plasm 0 One-Staple Variants (same as Previews book)

DEFIANT and Broadway Comics, created by Jim Shooter after VALIANT in the 1990s.

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Plasm 0 One-Staple Variants (same as Previews book)

Post by magnus20009 »

I didn't even that copies of Plasm 0 that were not bound into previews even existed. ComicLink has 2 for sale right now. :o

This is the backstory from ComicLink. (I did delete their sales language so just the description remains).

"Plasm #0 was the first release from Jim Shooter's Defiant Comics line. It was distributed as an insert, glued into copies of Previews magazine. This means that all normally distributed examples of this issue have glue-stained and often torn-up spines. A very small number of copies, however, were never glued into copies of Previews. The story goes that these were examples that were given out to artists, employees, and friends by Shooter. These are referred to as the "Staple Variant" or "One Staple Variant", since they are held together at the spine by a single staple. Very few of these have turned up and virtually none have been certified in the offered 9.8 condition. Note that this book is so rare that only 7 copies in total (5 Universal and 2 Qualified "uncut" copies) have ever made their way to CGC. We are not aware of any public auction offering of a Universal example in any grade ever occurring elsewhere."

The CGC 9.8 has sold but the CGC 9.4 is still available


Interesting looking at Greg's CGC site that the first Universal Plasm 0 was graded in April 2005 or earlier. Then 4 other copies were graded April 14th this year. While ComicLink has 2 up in the current auctions I suspect the remaining two recently graded copies will surface for sale too.

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Re: Plasm 0 One-Staple Variants (same as Previews book)

Post by JCP »

Anybody have one they’re willing to part with? Preferably raw.
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