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DEFIANT and Broadway Comics, created by Jim Shooter after VALIANT in the 1990s.

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All this talk of 'snipping' is making me keep my legs crossed.
All this talk of 'snipping' is making me keep my legs crossed.
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Re: Defiant - Issue List

Post by mrwoogieman »

Picked up a large stack of mostly 90s comics at a garage sale last week, complete with sky high price stickers on the old bags! I'm talking mostly variants and special editions that aren't worth anywhere near the asking price.

For this thread, the stack included the Dark Dominion 1 issue signed by Shooter with a letter from the publisher and a sealed three pack of promo cards.


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Personal shoe-shopper for Atom!
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Re: Defiant - Issue List

Post by SwiftMann »

Knightt wrote:
Tue Oct 11, 2005 4:17:36 pm
Defiant Genesis 1 (with Comicfest '93 banner on the cover and no card insert)
Defiant Genesis 1 (with Comicfest '93 banner on the cover and with special Dark Dominion card insert)
From a bit of reading it sounds like these were similar to Magnus #0 where the cards were stapled into the middle. Is there any way to determine if a version that came with the card had it removed?

Finally, I received a copy of this (no card) in a sleeve with the Defiant logo printed on the bottom right. From the thread I was reading about the card inserts, it is mentioned that the non-card ComicFest version was in this sleeve. Was the card version also sleeved?
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