Re-reading Turok

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Turok #12 is the 1st appearance of Turok
Turok #12 is the 1st appearance of Turok
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Re-reading Turok

Post by dave »

Thanks to our friend IanAlexavier I am re-reading Turok in style.

He lent me his two volume set of bound Turoks and it is making the reading go much faster than normal. I believe I am on issues 12 already and I've only been reading two days!

Usually, I get one book a day, two at the most pulling them out of the bags etc.

Still not sure I'm ready to undertake a binding project myself but....

I hope to have the entire Turok run done before Dark Horse's Turok debuts, like I did with Magnus and Solar.

A few notes.

Bart Sears' rendition of Turok does not really seem to be a Native American to me. It's more like just a guy who happens to use a bow. I know that the opening shot in issue one has him meditating with smoke etc, but something doesn't feel quite right.

The Truman/Morales Turoks are the best of the bunch.

Turok got a big gash across his chest at some point, but how it happened is not explained in the Turok run that I've seen.

Turok cries a lot. I know that this is meant to show how bad the white man has treated his people, and I understand why, but, to overuse it cheapens it in my opinion.

The timeline is pretty whack.

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