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My mind is sharp. Like a sharp thing.
My mind is sharp. Like a sharp thing.
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My new venture -

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Something I have been working on for a while launches early next year, my own IP superhero tabletop miniatures skirmish game:


Kitbash Games is delighted to announce that it will launch the Supers Unlimited miniatures range and game in January 2019.

The crowd-funded launch will feature at least 9 miniatures at the start, with more unlocked depending on success. This launch will represent the start of a range of high-quality supers miniatures released alongside fast-play skirmish rules.

The Supers Unlimited miniatures launch will be backed up by a free to download beta rule set and downloadable game cards for all characters.

That is not all! Kitbash Games is very excited that the miniatures will also have rules for Super Mission Force under agreement with Four Color Studios – with downloadable ready-to-play profile cards for all launch characters. Super Mission Force is a highly-regarded, easy to learn, and fast-paced rules system, and Kitbash Games is very pleased to partner with Four Color Studios on this venture.

To keep up with all the latest Supers Unlimited news Like or Follow the Kitbash Games Facebook page here:" onclick=";return false;

And via the new website here:" onclick=";return false;
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