Eniac 1 Prices on eBay!

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Especially "dude." And "balls." Those terms work in the tech industry.
Especially "dude." And "balls." Those terms work in the tech industry.
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Eniac 1 Prices on eBay!

Post by nycjadie »

I’m late to the party on this, I realize. Have you seen the sold prices for Eniac 1 on eBay? Through the roof!

They seem to reliably selling in the $150-200 range. For a brand new book!

The open 2nd print is selling for $10-20.

Some copies have sold for even higher.

I love the book. The trade dress and book quality was unparalleled, in my view (9.8s will be a given). I’m not sure how they do it for $4. Still, I’m completely blown away by the frenzy.

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You gotta have Faith!
You gotta have Faith!
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Re: Eniac 1 Prices on eBay!

Post by JCP »

A lot of FOMO going on for sure. Eniac has a great story, the art was good, and printed on high quality paper and trade dress. This was a home run. Some of the speculation websites are trying to disguise their mistake in not getting in on this book (perhaps due to their contempt for former Valiant folks), but the success is demonstrated by consistent eBay sales. Hero Trade has held its value too. I can see more people jumping on the bandwagon and increasing the sales numbers for the remainder of the series, but it’s too late for #1. Low print run, high demand.
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