Marvel U.K. Pence Variants

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You gotta have Faith!
You gotta have Faith!
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Marvel U.K. Pence Variants

Post by JCP »

I recently started collecting some of these to complete my collection of various titles. They are identical in every fashion to the cent copies with the exception of the price variant. From what I can gather, there are fewer copies of these pence variants than the cent editions. Yet, puzzlingly, you can obtain these variants - despite their scarcity - for less than the cent copies. Out of curiosity, does anybody else collect these? Can you
think of any reason why the market for these is paradoxically the way it is given their limited availability?
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I have a Quasar collection. And I love it. So there.
I have a Quasar collection. And I love it. So there.
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Re: Marvel U.K. Pence Variants

Post by IMJ »

I have a few Silver and early Bronze Pence Price issues in my Iron Man run. I consider them novelties. I remember there was a time when a weird singular "Pence Price Variant" would appear in a price guide somewhere. I always thought it was weird that one issue would get that label because I always figured that every comic had a pence price sister in the U.K.

There was a guy who has had this very unique, corner store, old school comic shop in Villa Park, IL. Really cool store that is sort of a community staple there. I haven't been there in a decade or more now, but he had a neat copy of Iron Man vol 1 #3 with pence pricing on it. It was beat. to. *SQUEE*. I mean... it had to be sub 2.0 all day that somehow remained intact. I think he was asking like 60 bucks for it. Great and cool shop otherwise, but no way man.

So basically if I find them as cheap novelties I add them to my set, but if I feel any pricing resistance on them at all whatsoever I just walk. Basically I file these in my mind as "foreign edition collector" pieces. Cool, but not my thing.

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