Kickstarter (almost done): Roland Mann, author

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We clutch at lies 'n pray they’re truths
We clutch at lies 'n pray they’re truths
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Kickstarter (almost done): Roland Mann, author

Post by BloodOfHeroes »

This is a bit of hype about a Kickstarter by Roland Mann, formerly of Malibu (and Marvel) Comics.

Citizens is the story of Bedford Tanner, a young man who enters the army on the promise from the government that he would earn his citizenship when the war is over.

Unfortunately for Bedford, a new party takes control of the government, stops the war and brings the soldiers home, only to renege on the promise of citizenship. Now a physically deformed veteran, Bedford must come to grips with the reality that “citizens” hate him for being a soldier, and that citizenship may be beyond his grasp.


Unless he agrees to accept a biofab body…essentially, an untested biologically fabricated body supplied by the new government.
* * * * *
So with Citizens, there’s a little something for everyone: war, political intrigue, romance, cool steampunk art. And while we feel the ideas/themes are advanced, the material is accessible to all ages. ... nav_search

Check it out and, if interested, please help out one of the nicest (non-VALIANT) creators out there! Thanks!


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loosely based on a true story
loosely based on a true story
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Re: Kickstarter (almost done): Roland Mann, author

Post by StarBrand »

Glad I stopped by the board today! Thanks for the heads up on this!
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