Users can share photos of their VALIANT collections, your own museum for everyone to tour. No comments allowed by visitors in the gallery threads, just your own space to show and describe your own collection. Free admission for everyone to "The VALIANT Gallery".

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The admin around here must be getting old and soft.
The admin around here must be getting old and soft.
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Post by greg »

This new category, "The Gallery", is for each user (who wants one) to have
their own gallery for photos of their Valiant collections.

No comments are allowed outside of your own gallery.
In everyone else's gallery, it is all about them.
Even compliments aren't needed here.

Feel free to discuss someone's gallery
in the General Valiant Discussion area.

Within "The Gallery", it's all about you, the Valiant collector.

Don't feel bad if someone's collection is "better" than yours...
we still want to enjoy your collection, too.
It will be nice to see everyone's collection grow,
even if it starts small, it's your gallery... please share. :thumb:

Everyone will get the opportunity to quietly "tour" your collection.

Enjoy! :)