valiant classic digital comic book collection

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Still afraid of Gamma
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valiant classic digital comic book collection

Post by Brighton »

Hello! Has anyone on here purchased or read the Valiant Classic Digital Comic Book Collection?

I am considering getting it but have a few questions.

The description on the Valiant Store website says it has 695 digital comics. Does this include the Gold Key Three? Solar, Magnus, & Turok comics?

Does it include the comics published under Acclaim?

Also, does anyone know how many times I can use the USB drive the collection is on? Currently I own a laptop but I plan on replacing it. So would I be able to use it on my laptop & then move them over to my new laptop using the USB or can I only use a limited amount of devices? Should I just wait til I get the new laptop?

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Especially "dude." And "balls." Those terms work in the tech industry.
Especially "dude." And "balls." Those terms work in the tech industry.
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Re: valiant classic digital comic book collection

Post by nycjadie »

It’s a maddeningly frustrating piece of software. The license is limited to two devices, so be aware when you upgrade. It’s a POS. I wanted mine on an iPad, and that was a Herculean task to manage. There is a thread on it here somewhere, with several of us complaining.

The classic version does not have Acclaim or the old GK character titles.

I think the software is easier to use on a PC. I don’t own one, so I don’t know.

The files are not small, so keep that in mind as well.

I was hoping for a truly portable collection that would fit in my iPad. V1 and VEI. Nope. However, it has allowed me to reread a lot of the books on my plane trips and that was nice. I’m not sure if the books are available elsewhere, but I would imagine it’s an amazing price for so many digital copies.

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