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Doctor Tomorrow Acclaim

Post by armlessphelan »

Continuing my reading of old Valiant/Acclaim titles, I finished Doctor Tomorrow and loved everything but the final issue. It resolved everything with a stable time loop, which was fine, but where did Bob Layton go and where did they find the artist? Because they'd rotated through some of the best artists of the 90s and ended with... that.
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Re: Doctor Tomorrow Acclaim

Post by Oxmyx »

armlessphelan wrote:
Tue May 12, 2020 11:34:46 pm
the final issue. It resolved everything with a stable time loop
Ack! Spoilers, dude!

I've been looking everywhere for the ultra-rare Turok vs Blister issue. Anybody able to help me out?

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Re: Doctor Tomorrow Acclaim

Post by SwiftMann »

Didn't the letters page say that it boiled down to Editorial wanting to end in a different direction (to go into Final Solution) than Layton wanted and Layton walked?

Kenny Martinez was the penciler of Troublemakers which he did a great job on. Perhaps his style was more suited to that book, but I had zero problem with him jumping into the last issue of Doctor Tomorrow as they transitioned fully into the Valiant Heroes timeline instead of the retrospective with retrospective art styles. Keep in mind they were just mimicking the styles of great artists, not actually great artists.

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That's two guys from the Silver Age. Super early Maleev. And then a couple utter no-names and a bunch of guys who did yeoman's work throughout the 90s. I don't seen anyone close to "some of the best artists of the 90s."
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