The Visitor #4 Discussion

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Dallow Spicer1
Rockin' out in Torquehalla
Rockin' out in Torquehalla
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The Visitor #4 Discussion

Post by Dallow Spicer1 »

Better than last issue for sure, not as many peculiar plot points to deal with but still some.

So Dauber has a prosthetic leg for some reason and gets close to capturing the Visitor but once again he escapes. The ‘big reveal’ appears to be confirmation that the Visitor is a Positron which would confirm the connection to Rai/Father future Japan. If so then that’s an interesting twist as future Japan is no longer orbiting the Earth so where is this story going?

Anyone have answers to the following ...

- why does the Japanese guy (Abe san) have blonde hair?
- why didn’t Abe san fight for his life rather then letting himself get kicked out of the helicopter?
- is the Visitor a gay positron?
- why does the guy with the red scarf sweat so much?
- is Kubo Sama a Psiot?

Depending on the last 2 issues this series could be very good if they stick the landing...but the end needs to be significant to justify the slow build up.


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Personal shoe-shopper for Atom!
Personal shoe-shopper for Atom!
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Re: The Visitor #4 Discussion

Post by SwiftMann »

Story has barely moved in four issues. Dialogue is tedious and one-note. Art degrades with every issue.

"If you think any of these [older comics/shows/movies] do not carry a political content and is not using the medium of science fiction to explore real-world ideas, than you have not been paying attention." - Dan Abnett, VCR #246

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You gotta have Faith!
You gotta have Faith!
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Re: The Visitor #4 Discussion

Post by TheFerg714 »

Honestly, I like the story, but this could have been 3 issues. There's so much padding, it's not even funny. I can't believe there's still 2 issues left. 3/5

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I could be talking poo-doo.
I could be talking poo-doo.
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Re: The Visitor #4 Discussion

Post by BugsySig »

Still plodding. At least there was something happening with that dude getting tossed out the chopper.

I’d bet even money the Visitor ends up being the last bit of “material” the group needs to create Father/Nee Japan.

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Kurt Busiek wrote:Bull$#!t

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Just jumpin' through time arcs, that's all.
Just jumpin' through time arcs, that's all.
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Re: The Visitor #4 Discussion

Post by agent_graves »

SwiftMann wrote:
Sun Mar 22, 2020 1:06:53 am
Story has barely moved in four issues. Dialogue is tedious and one-note. Art degrades with every issue.

+1 facepalm

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