Are you SURE The Visitor plot is about Father?

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You gotta have Faith!
You gotta have Faith!
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Are you SURE The Visitor plot is about Father?

Post by Oxmyx »

It may be about Father and New Japan but not in the way you are thinking.
Of course, I might be full of crap, too.

But what if the team of scientists The Visitor is trying to stop are planning a competitive future without Father and The Visitor is there in effect to ensure New Japan comes to be.

My curiosity was aroused when the scientists mentioned needing a genome as part of their project. That sounds to me unFatherly.
I've been looking everywhere for the ultra-rare Turok vs Blister issue. Anybody able to help me out?

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innerSPACE does whatever I tell them
innerSPACE does whatever I tell them
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Re: Are you SURE The Visitor plot is about Father?

Post by grendeljd »

Uuuuh, spoiler convo?
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