Quantum & Woody (2020) #1 Discussion

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Quantum & Woody (2020) #1 Discussion

Post by SwiftMann »

*sigh* This didn't really work. The art doesn't match the surprisingly grim tone. And it's over-written to a fault. We don't need everything explained and re-explained. I actually liked the general premise of this issue, but the execution didn't work for me.

As I'm re-reading the original 90s run, I'm struck by how quick most issues read. Priest relied on Bright to tell the story with art more than I remembered and it was very effective. Most writers today don't do that, including here (depsite the artist giving us plenty of detail).
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Re: Quantum & Woody (2020) #1 Discussion

Post by nonplayer »

Thanks for the review
I Miss Dinesh running Valiant

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Re: Quantum & Woody (2020) #1 Discussion

Post by Oxmyx »

SwiftMann wrote:
Sun Feb 02, 2020 10:09:16 am
The art doesn't match the surprisingly grim tone.
Dr. Tomorrow struck me the same way. But I think Dr. Tomorrow was slightly less cartoony. Slightly. Q+W had XX eyes on dead people. That stood out to me.

Did anybody else notice that after Woody accidentally shoots the extradimensional gremlin the creature continues to show up in the background just floating with his XX eyes? I thought that was hilarious.

And does anyone know what that Apprehension urban legend thing was about?
I've been looking everywhere for the ultra-rare Turok vs Blister issue. Anybody able to help me out?

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