Hey, Chiclo, lookie!

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You gotta have Faith!
You gotta have Faith!
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Hey, Chiclo, lookie!

Post by Oxmyx »

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Let's see if the image attaches. Anyway, I know you're into the whole militia thing, more or less, and I'm into hiking and being prepared and all that.

Well, over a month ago I saw an ad on YouTube from a survivalist company offering a "free assault backpack " to promote their stuff. They were also trying to trick me into getting knee deep in their ads for impulse buys.

I could have spent $1000 easy but I maintained control. But for $50 I got a ton of good looking crap, especially a heavy duty backpack and heavy duty duffel bag.

A few days ago I got an email it was being shipped. I will have to let you know the quality, because for $50 this was a steal.

Maybe you've already heard of this company.

Really, I hate to sound like a sales pitch, but I'm just so proud of my score
I've been looking everywhere for the ultra-rare Turok vs Blister issue. Anybody able to help me out?

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I'm Chiclo. My strong Dongs paid off well.
I'm Chiclo.  My strong Dongs paid off well.
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Re: Hey, Chiclo, lookie!

Post by Chiclo »

Throw in a case of faded Gatorade and a bunch of random, cheapo long guns and you’ve just described the back of my dad’s Bronco.

Militias. I am always real skeptical of anyone pushing militias. One time a guy tried to recruit me for a “not a militia”. That was pretty funny.

Don’t forget the toilet paper. Essential to any bug out bag or survival type setup.

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