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I have a Quasar collection. And I love it. So there.
I have a Quasar collection. And I love it. So there.
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NECA's doing a great job with these. I've been pretty content with my vintage collection sitting in a filing system for a long time now. But the NECA stuff is about as close to definitive Fred Wolf TMNT as I can see happening... maybe ever. I just upgraded my Playmates articulated B&R to the NECA set and man they look great. I keep this stuff in an animation display. My display habits moved into a more modular way of doing things over the last few years, so when I get sick of one theme, I swap stuff out for another.

BEFORE & AFTER Bebop and Rocksteady swap
Image Image

Anyone else looking at the NECA stuff? It's really, really good.

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