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I have a Quasar collection. And I love it. So there.
I have a Quasar collection. And I love it. So there.
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Sketch Card Thread | Pack Pulled or ACEO

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I was surprised to find that we don't have a sketch card thread here on the boards. There's a great card community called Scoundrel Art - the whole board is basically sketch cards and high ratio pack pulls. But I thought it'd be fun to start a sketch card thread here for people to post their pulls, buys, or commissions of original art sketch cards. I imagine that this thread will populate slowly, but I think it would be cool to look back here in ten years time and see pages of great sketch cards that we've amassed in our collections.

I collect sketch cards specific to certain character-corners of the hobby. Now and again I've veered outside this grouping, but generally speaking I seek out Quasar, Iron Man and Indiana Jones sketch cards. Now and again I dabble in Captain Marvel (the real one from the 70's) and Nova (another Marvel cosmic guy). I'd say between those IP's, I probably currently have around a 250 sketch card collection comprised mostly heavily by Indiana Jones, then quite a few Iron Man. After that I've got as many Quasar cards as I can find, and lastly a small smattering of randoms.

I love sketch card threads, so here's hoping that this one has some legs.

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