WTS - Combinger Wars Stunticons (Menasor!)

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Valiant...it moved.
Valiant...it moved.
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WTS - Combinger Wars Stunticons (Menasor!)

Post by JonesyAZ »

Howdy all,

I recently purchased and opened the complete six Stunticon team that form the big baddie Menasor...but am now needing to get some extra money to pay for unexpected bills :(

I am selling a complete set w/ all accessories, instructions, comics and collector cards of the following for $120 shipped. Pictures available upon request :)

Off Road

Please let me know if you're interested :)
The "Unity Suite" ... in progress ...

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scratch 1 for the coog guys
scratch 1 for the coog guys
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Re: WTS - Combinger Wars Stunticons (Menasor!)

Post by superman-prime »

nice set the new combiner wars is pretty sweet stuff even the packaging is nice

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