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Comic universes no longer active, Bravura, Continuity, CrossGen, Future, Malibu, Ultraverse... and others that are 'no longer with us' today (or only recently brought back).

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I will call my mum and ask what the *SQUEE* is going on.
I will call my mum and ask what the *SQUEE* is going on.
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Chiclo wrote:
Phantom wrote:you forgot this one from malibu" onclick=";return false; ... dZViewItem
I don't know if this is a joke or not, so I'll kill it with trivia just in case.

The early Image books were printed and distributed with Malibu for several months until Image got the infrastructure for itself. One of the main reasons for starting the Ultraverse line was to fill the gap left when the Image books went off on their own. The indica for these books includes an early Malibu insignia, a stylized yellow M (that looked most like an upside-down, lower-case Omega) in a blue ring. I may have those colours reversed.

As I recall, Malibu Sun issue 16 advertised the new Spawn books and 26 advertised the upcoming Ultraverse so there's a fairly good indication at the time that passed between the two universe start-ups.
I recall, Chiclo, on 'only the valiant' explaining that in further in detail.
Great info on malibu and images start in that episode.
I wish their was a Spinal Tap comic, and I had a copy CGC graded at 11.

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