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Nice art! (I used to own that.)
Nice art! (I used to own that.)
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Defiant Comics .50 each Buy Sell Trade

Post by sonicdan »

I have the following Defiant Comics for sale at .50 each

Charlemagne 1,3,5
Dark Dominion 12,7,8,9,10
The Good Guys 1,2,3,4,6,7
Origin of the Defiant Universe 1
Prudence & Caution 1,2
War Dancer 2,3,4,5
Warriors of Plasm 1,9,12

I am looking for the following:
Defiant Genesis 1
The Birth of The Defiant Universe #1 (Promotional Comic)
Warriors of Plasm 8,10
Splatterball 1 (came with Plasm #0 binder
The Great Grimmax (Hero Illustrated promo)

Please LMK if you are interested. Thanks!
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Personal shoe-shopper for Atom!
Personal shoe-shopper for Atom!
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Defiant comics..

Post by Mr.V »

I have the Warriors of Plasm #10 and could possibly obtain a #8. Make ma an offer.


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