VcVSS Auction... coming soon!

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VcVSS Auction... coming soon!

Post by SolarFan777 »

Hey guys,
I had the auction for the Shadowman #8 last week and also continued to go through my many boxes of Valiant to see what else I had...
I found several other ValiantFans offers. I am going o be out of state for a week but just wanted to give everyone a heads up that all these books will be going up for auction after I return. As I said, I wanted to return these to the true fans and not some eBay flipper. :thumb:

I have the two issue Ninjak #1 as stated before:

I also found the Turok Evolution VcVSS:

I also came across the Special Zoom Suit package offered to Valiant Fans back in the day (2005):

These three will be placed up for auction sometime after Thursday May 7th when I return. By the way I have a bunch of doubles of Valiant regular runs if anyone is looking to complete collections. Just let me know. :D
Thanks, Kevin
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