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WTB - VH1 Rai, Shadowman and Harbinger CGC Candidates

Mon Feb 18, 2019 12:02:40 pm

I am looking for the following 9.8 candidates and yes, I know that's a tough call but ebay sucks for picture quality so there's that (no creases along spine front or back as we all know that's almost an automatic disqualifier). $4/ea except for Harbinger Blue Bird, Rai Blue and Shadowman 31, 35 which I would go $15/ea for the TPBs and $8/ea for the Shadowman 31 and 35:

Harbinger Blue Bird TPB
Rai 16
Rai 19
Rai 21
Rai 22
Rai 23
Rai 24
Rai 25
Rai 27
Rai 29
Rai Blue TPB
Shadowman 31
Shadowman 35

I am HIGHLY INTERESTED in any of the aforementioned in CGC 9.8 and will pay $100 bounty on any of those in CGC 9.8 with the exception of the Harbinger Blue Bird and Rai Blue TPB which I would pay $400 per and the Shadowman 31 would pay $150.
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