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WTS Buffy and Angel Season 8-10 misc

Sun Aug 11, 2019 3:20:48 pm

I missed out on the last few years and just found out about the license moving to boom and subsequent explosion in price of most things since they will likely not be preprinted. So I’m going to part with all my material.

I have for certain:
Buffy 8 library editions
Buffy 9 library editions
Angel 9 library editions (including the vol 3 sealed that a similar one just sold for $169.99 last month)
Tales library edition
Buffy 8 #1 Cgc 9.8ss Signed by Georges(Georges variant)
Some random OA inked pages from Georges I think some from Buffy and some from angel
And a short box of random issues bagged but not boarded that I got super cheap from a sale a few years back.

Let me know if you are interested, I’m in desperate need of quick funds so I’ll be unloading everything to the first reasonable offers i come across.
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