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Doing some remodeling and rearranging at home and have decided to move out some of my TPB's to make some room on the bookshelves for some other collectibles.

The list is as follows, shipping is extra

Avengers: Disassembled 5.00
Essential Captain America vol 6 5.00
Essential Defenders vol 6 5.00
Essential Hulk vol 7 5.00
Essential Iron Man vol 1-5 30.00
Fury: My War Gone By vol 1-2 10.00
GI Joe Disavowed vol 1-7 45.00
GI Joe America's Elite: Disavowed vol 1-6 40.00
GI Joe (IDW) vol 1-5 30.00
GI Joe: Cobra vol 1-4 (Death of Cobra Commander) 20.00
GI Joe: Cobra Civil War vol 1-2 12.00
GI Joe: Cobra Command vol 1-2 12.00
GI Joe: Cobra - Cobra Civil War vol 1-2 12.00
GI Joe: The Cobra Files vol 1-2 12.00
GI Joe: Special Missions vol 1-3 15.00
GI Joe: Origins vol 1-5 22.00
GI Joe: Snake Eyes - Cobra Civil War vol 1-2 12.00
GI Joe Snake Eyes: Snake Eyes/Stormshadow and Target Snake Eyes 12.00
GI Joe: Fall of GI Joe vol 1-2 12.00
GI Joe Homefront,Threat Matrix, Siren’s Song,and Deep Terror 15.00
GI Joe: Cobra - Son of the Snake and Oktober Guard 10.00
Indiana Jones Omnibus vol 1-3 (reprints marvel 1980’s series) 15.00
Indiana Jones Omnibus vol 1-2 (reprints Dark Horse series) 10.00
JSA vol 3 3.50
Manhunter vol 4 3.50
Manhunter: Special Edition (has some cover creases) 2.50
OMAC Project 3.5
Question: Riddles vol 5 (1980’s series) 2.50
Secret War 5.00
Secret Warriors (hardcover editions) vol 1-6 30.00
Sword and Sorcery vol 1 (Amethyst) 5.00
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