WTB - Deadpool Classic TPBs

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Valiant...it moved.
Valiant...it moved.
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WTB - Deadpool Classic TPBs

Post by JonesyAZ »

Howdy all,

I used to own the original Deadpool regular series way back in the day, gave them away at a used book store years back, and am hankering to read some of those older Deadpool stories. I wouldn't say i'm a HUGE DP fan, but one of my favorite stories of all time is when Deadpool and Blind Al went back in time to an old Amazing Spiderman story in issue #11 of the first regular series; so cool!

I am looking for Deadpool Classic TPBs #1, 2 and 3 for now but am interested in whatever Deadpool Classic volumes folks have to sell. I'm a reader, so as cheap as possible is good for me :) PM if you have any to give up.

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Re: WTB - Deadpool Classic TPBs

Post by genu »

Not what you were asking for but it could interest you. Got a deadpool #0 auction up. http://www.ebay.com/itm/252978992067?ss ... 1555.l2649

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