New Ebay Store - Just thought I'd let you guys know

Non-VALIANT items for sale, trade, or wanted.

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New Ebay Store - Just thought I'd let you guys know

Post by whovianone »

Hey guys,

I've started an Ebay Store, Whovian's Collectables, and will be working in conjunction with some local dealers to sell a number of items online including non-sports cards, comics, mags, and other goodies. I'll probably start listing Valiant items as well, so take a look and see if anything tickles your fancy. I've been wanting to do this for a long time, but until I had these other guys to work with I couldn't justify the cost each month.

Let me know if anyone is looking for anything that's uncommon or even non-comic related. I'll have lots to post.

Just for you guys on the board, any VF board member who buys something will receive 10% off AND free shipping on any order over $20 until May 31. So, take a look. I'll be adding new things daily until then.

Thanx for looking! :thumb:

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Post by SmokinAFuente »

Cool! For some reason eBay didn't want me to find it, but I did! :thumb:

Here is a Link so you all don't have to :!: as I did. LOL

Whovian's Collectables

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My mind is sharp. Like a sharp thing.
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Post by leonmallett »

I am sure I have seen a thread with an opening post like this somewhere before... :hm: ... :hm: ...


Best of luck, mate*.

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