Tell your Valiant story...

How did you become a VALIANT collector?

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The admin around here must be getting old and soft.
The admin around here must be getting old and soft.
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Tell your Valiant story...

Post by greg »

Hey everyone...

On the old messageboard (pre-2004), there was a central spot for people
to tell their "Valiant story"... how they started collecting, when they stopped,
how they started again, what books they prefer, etc.

I've created this category for us to do that again.

My own "Valiant story" can be found here:

Each registered user who is interested in "telling their Valiant story"
can do so in this category.

Feel free to start a new topic for your own story...
and it will be easier to find each other's info.

I'll comb through the General Discussion category
and find the stories that people have already posted there,
and I'll move them into this category.
(If I don't find yours, just send me a link to where it is, and I'll move it.)

Many of the "most-frequent posters" on this board haven't ever
told their own Valiant stories... so get to it!

New users, join right in...
We're always happy to meet you, too!

Enjoy! :)


P.S. Learn a few tips and tricks to fitting in around here by checking out this post :thumb: