Your LCS Is Worried About The Big DC/Diamond News

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Your LCS Is Worried About The Big DC/Diamond News

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Your LCS Is Worried About The Big DC Comics/Diamond News ... to-do-lcs/

Interesting article and comments. I guess there really isn't a good time for change here.

However, this pandemic has already changed the industry.

Throw in the riots resulting in some stores being (completely) looted.

Farpoint Toys has been struck by lightning and half of their stuff burnt down and the rest was covered in whatever chemical the fire brigade used.

Most shops are missing 3 months in normal sales and what DC's doing now is only helping the big ones. Smaller businesses will only suffer more.

My LCS (Germany) has yet to receive anything. Neither DC's distributor nor Diamond has sent them anything yet or it just hasn't arrived yet. Bottom line is it's mid-June and they still have any new material to sell. Also, they only deal EN-language comics.

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