Collector's Paradise is ALL IN on #BADIDEA and you are invited!

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Major Valiant-supporting retailer
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Collector's Paradise is ALL IN on #BADIDEA and you are invited!

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Of course, all 3 Collector’s Paradise stores are ALL-IN on #BadIdea. Like anyone had any doubts 😊
There are some rules though, both imposed by the fine people at #BadIdea and by us to promote fairness and in order for us to successfully follow the #BadIdea rules.
1. There is a strict limit of 1 copy of any #BadIdea comic book, and don’t bring your kids to get more. These will be limited, and the goal is to get as many people into the books as we possibly can.
2. The comics will require a pre-paid pre-order of a complete series. I.e. Eniac #1-4. You pay for and receive all 4 issues guaranteed. We are not in the business of setting up speculators with #1 issues and not having the buyer read the series. Commit to it or look for it somewhere else.
3. If you would like to set up mail order with us, we are really excited to do this with you, provided you have checked around and no local store is able to help you. We offer an online subscription service which you control yourself, with ability to add and remove titles at any time, see covers and solicitations for books, order a whole event/crossover at a time and more.
4. Our mail order minimum is 5 titles (not counting your #BadIdea pre-paid series orders) and we ship either bi-weekly, or monthly, depending on number of books on your pull list OR a special arrangement we come up with. You pay exact shipping on each shipment and receive a 10% discount on the books on your pull list.
5. Pull lists can be combined for shipping. If two (or more) people would like their books shipped together, we can combine them for shipping, but each person needs to qualify for it separately, following rules #1-4.
I will post some instructions here for those who are interested. First step to set up mail order with us is to fill out a credit card agreement and send it to us. You can find it here:
COLLECTOR'S PARADISE Stores:(Canoga Park, Pasadena, North Hollywood)
7131 Winnetka Ave - Canoga Park, CA - 91306 - 818-999-9455
319 S. Arroyo Parkway - Pasadena, CA - 91105 - 626-577-6694
5118 Lankershim Blvd - NoHo, CA - 91601 - 818-980-BOOK

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