Question About Deathmate Tourbook

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Is it Dee-no or Die-no? Dunno.
Is it Dee-no or Die-no? Dunno.
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Question About Deathmate Tourbook

Post by bribri »

Hey, guys. A little help, please.

I recently looked at the cover of the Deathmate Tourbook on this site. I noticed something very different about the photo from my book. There's no signatures.

Back in the day, I bought the Tourbook from a comic shop (I don't know what I spent on it), and the cover was signed by about 10 Valiant people. The only signature I can remember offhand was Joe Quesada, because he was my favorite artist and it was basically just a big Q.

Anyway, I had always assumed that ALL the Tourbooks were signed. Were they not? The picture on this site doesn't appear to have any signatures. Any information will be greatly appreciated!

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Zombies and nightstand nightmares
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Post by dellamorte »

not all the tour books were signed, I believe stores were left with piles of unsigned copies after the tour moved on.

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Wanna see an unpublished Shadowman page?
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Post by betterthanezra »

I have 5 copies of this title and none of them are signed at all.
But I have seen them signed.

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Harbinger rank: Ichinensei
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Post by fryabusa »

I have 1 copy of the tourbook but mine is only signed by 1 Valiant guy. I can't remember who off the top of my head.

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Post by dino »

I'v got one copy unsigned, two signed by a bunch of people and one signed and remarked. Its fairly easy to get any of these versions.

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