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Hey, guys, it's spring break! Me am back! What did I miss?

Wed Mar 10, 2004 2:26:21 pm

Hey, kids. I've been missing for a while due to school and other annoyances. But I'm still here. Guys, I scanned and zipped my Solar #16 (4.50 MB), but I don't know what to do with it. My Yahoo! mail can't send anything larger than 3 MB. What do I do?

Glad to be back,

Wed Mar 10, 2004 6:32:43 pm

Well, to get around the Yahoo mail thing ... just re-zip in two parts. I'm not sure if anyone has decided to collect and post these, but at least this gets you around the zipping. You'll have to send in separate e-mails of course.

Wed Mar 10, 2004 6:39:00 pm

:( DUDE!...Spring Break...Sun, Fun, Sand, Cold Drinks, Females looking @#$%ing AWESOME :shock:

Ooops!...I digress to better daze!...Dude, go back, forget Comics...you'll have PLENTY of boring nights in the future when you're MARRIED... to huddle in a room with your books :D

For now, RAGE....RAGE...and.... :( I apologize, as a 35 year old ADULT I suggest you forget everything I just wrote... :wink:

Sir B
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